Positive Negatives, Negative Positives exhibition in PhotoForum, April 2021.

Red Ribbon (detail), Amos Mann, 2020
‘Red Ribbon’ (detail), Amos Mann, 2020

Art and Yoga, Like Brother and Sister, an article focused on the exhibition Image Object Meditations.

Published in The Yoga Connection online magazine July 2021.

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HUMANS of AYU, profile on Amos Mann by AYU Dunedin, New Zealand, March 2021.

Dunedin Public Art Gallery Late Breakfast on Radio One 91 FM 31 July 2021.

Radio interview with Amos Mann by Zac Hoffman.

1. Creative process.
2. Influences and family background.
3. Connections to yoga and meditation.
4. Involvement in art movements and artist
collectives in Dunedin, from the 1970s,
1990s, and 2000s including: Ltoloxa,
Super 8, Donna Demente’s Dunedin studio,
Eudaemony dance parties, Everything Inc.,
Arc Café, and the beginnings
of the Dunedin Fringe Festival.
5. Music creation, including the dystopian
dance music album from Band Sensations.
6. A future creative project.
7. DJ commentary.