A marionette puppet reaches upward. Title text is For a Puppet to Live.



For a Puppet to Live (2024) is an experimental documentary, one of a series of ‘moving image portraits’ by Amos Mann — short films of creatives at work. 


Told purely through visuals and music, this story is a rare glimpse behind-the-scenes celebrating the creative process, focus, and technique required to bring a show to life.


Spanish/Aotearoa New Zealand theatre company Naranjarte (Ana Lorite and Sergio Aguilar) are rehearsing for a new show. We are with them on stage as they develop a scene with one of their handcrafted puppets — Neto the marionette. 


Filmed and produced in the coastal village of Paekākāriki, Kāpiti, Aotearoa New Zealand. 


The Performers
Formed in 2011, Naranjarte (Ana Lorite and Sergio Aguilar) receive many accolades for their puppetry and juggling performances and education initiatives. Their performances are immersive journeys that challenge perceptions and transport audiences to realms of wonder and delight. After completing an extensive world tour, the duo chose Aotearoa New Zealand as their home. See more at